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This program aims to provide extensive training on Cloud and DevOps and helps you master skills on Microsoft Azure

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Become an AWS Certified Professional with our AWS Course in just 2 months!

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Take a top-rated Java course on Udemy to gain in-demand skills. Learn how to build with Java using the latest and greatest tools

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Full Stack

Become indispensable at work as a Full Stack Development specialist. Upskill with a Full Stack Developer Course

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. Net

With such a broad range of capabilities, there are always new elements to .NET that you can learn.

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Python training emphasises on programming concepts and developing applications using Python's user-friendly syntax.

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Sales force

Become a Salesforce Administrator by working on real-time projects and case studies through this Salesforce Course in just 1.5 months!

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Become a Power BI expert by working on real-world case studies through this Power BI Course in just 1.5 months!

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Tableau Training focuses on data visualisation and analytics, enabling users to create interactive, insightful reports and dashboards.

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Azure Data engineering

This Microsoft Azure Data Factory training will equip you with the skills to perform big data engineering on Microsoft cloud services.

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Azure admi

Become an Azure Certified Professional with our Azure Course! Learn Azure from Top Industry Experts

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Data analytics

Learn Data Analytics from IIT Faculty with Campus Immersion @ IIT Roorkee Jumpstart your career

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Aws with Devops

Become a Certified AWS DevOps Engineer with our AWS DevOps Course in 3 months!

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Software testing life cycle, Test Plan preparation, Test case preparation, Software testing techniques :

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